About PremAir Belize

Aircraft Maintenance Since 1995

PremAir Aviation is an aviation maintenance services company providing contracted services such as, aircraft maintenance, ground equipment maintenance and cleaning, for passenger and cargo airlines. We have affiliate facilities in Charlotte NC and our international operation in Antigua/ St. Kitts W.I. and Belize, Central America.

PremAir Aviation provides aircraft maintenance service as an FBO and also on-call basis. We have been contracted to provide this service for a number of operators such as Air Canada, American Airlines, Amerijet, Alaska Airlines, COPA Airlines, Capital Air Cargo, Delta Airlines, Netjets, Frontier Airlines, Republic Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and West Jet for the last 15 years at our combined facilities.

Our trained staff capabilities include Boeing 767, 757, 737, 727, Douglas MD80, DC-10, DC-9, Fokker F100, Airbus 319/320/321 and a host of Corporate Aircrafts to include helicopters. On staff, we have a wide range of experienced licensed maintenance personnel to include FCC licensed avionics and FAA Inspection Authorization endorsement. Our aircraft technicians are on a drug-testing program.

Our services may range from a simple component replacement to more laborious events. We are well versed in the 121/135 operational requirements and constantly invest in the latest aviation service equipment to support these activities. It is with this understanding we can assure our customers a commitment to a high level of service in Belize.